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Whether you're experiencing an instrument panel cluster malfunction, looking for replacement parts for a scratched up lens cover, or searching for a trustworthy resource of quality instrument clusters and aftermarket gauges, then you can be confident that we've got the products you need. ICS carries a wide variety of products for your display dashboard, no matter what brand of car you own.

ICS specializes in supplying used instrument clusters that are cleaned, tested, and properly shipped to our customers at a fraction of the cost at a dealership. The cosmetic condition of each instrument panel cluster is noted in its description. They range from excellent condition aftermarket gauges to instrument panels with scratches on the lens cover (at a reduced price of course!). There are even some available without lens covers if you are looking to save even more money. All you have to do is remove your old lens cover and pop it onto one of our instrument clusters! By doing this, your instrument panel will look good as new!