instrument cluster
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The odometer is an important part of the instrument cluster, telling the driver exactly how far the vehicle has traveled – in total or for a specific trip. This information is extremely important when it comes to performing regular maintenance. But are you sure that it is tracking the mileage correctly? Do you suspect that it might not be working quite right?

Odometers come in both mechanical or electrical models, and either one is susceptible to eventual problems. You might also find that the odometer has been tampered with in a fraudulent attempt to increase the car’s value. When you replace your instrument cluster, though, you can remedy some of these problems.

Check out the pre-owned instrument panels and engine computers we have in stock and find the replacement parts you need. Odometers may seem like a small thing, but any component that isn’t functioning properly can lead to bigger problems. Replace your faulty equipment today with our affordable and guaranteed instrument clusters.